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HIWeather Final Conference

Jan 04,2024

We are delighted to announce that the final conference of HIWeather will be held from 9 to 13 September 2024 in Munich, Germany!

Over the past 10 years the HIWeather project in the World Weather Research Programme of WMO has focused the attention of researchers across the world and across many disciplines on the challenges of making forecasts and warnings more effective in saving lives and reducing damage and disruption from weather-related hazards.

In this conference we bring together these diverse groups to celebrate its successes, share new understanding, and look forward to a future in which early warnings and early action will save many more lives and livelihoods.

1. Submission of abstracts 

Submission of abstract is now invited!

1)Submissions will be assessed for their relevance to the HIWeather objectives and fit to the topic of the session. Your stated preference for type of presentation and session will also be taken into account. 

2)Abstract must be submitted in English. Abstracts will be evaluated by members of the event's Scientific Committee. The presentation of the work may be carried out by any of the authors. 

3)There is funding available to support a limited number of scientists from less developed countries to travel to the conference.

Please submit your abstracts through the link herehttps://forms.office.com/r/fxppAFz96B 

Submission deadline: 15th June 2024


2. Registration

Please register the HIWeather Final Conference through the link: https://forms.office.com/r/zhkzHarQ3x

3. Sessions

There will be six main sessions:

1). Understanding & Predicting Hazards 

2). Human Impacts, Vulnerability & Risk

3). Communication

4). Citizen Science

5). Impact-based Forecasting & Warning

6). Evaluation & Value Chain

Each will consist of invited presentations on the achievements of HIWeather, together with a mix of submitted presentations, lightning presentations and posters, and a workshop to investigate the science in more depth.
It will be a mainly in-person conference, but there will be facilities for remote presentation if required. 

4. Programme

Programme of HIWeather Final Conference

Day 1: Monday 9 September 2024

13:00 start

16:30 – 18:00

Introduction & Overview


Day 2: Tuesday 10 September 2024

09:00 start


17:30 end

Understanding & Predicting Hazards

Poster session

Human Impacts, Vulnerability and Risk

Self-funded dinner

Day 3: Wednesday 11 September 2024

09:00 start

17:00 end


Citizen Science

Day 4: Thursday 12 September 2024

09:00 start


17:30 end

Impact-based Forecasting & Warning

Poster session

Evaluation & Value Chain

Day 5: Friday 13 September 2024

09:00 start

13:00 end

Looking Forward

5. Venue: 

Address of the meeting place:  LMU Munich, Öttingenstraße 67, 80538 Munich

The plenary sessions will be in the amphitheater B 001 on the ground floor.

How to get there?

a. With public transportation

From the Munich central station (“Hauptbahnhof”), take the underground (“U-Bahn”) line U5 (direction “Neuperlach Süd”) or U4 (direction “Arabellapark”) and get off at the stop “Lehel”. From there, take the tram 16 (direction “St. Emmeram”) and get off at the stop “Tivolistraße”.  From there, it’s a ca. 200m walk to the meeting place (see the two maps below).

(Map 1. Route overview from Munich central station to the venue by public transportation.)

(Map 2. Walking distance after getting off the tram 16 to the meeting venue.)

b. Walking: 

If the weather is nice, it takes about 45 min (3.5 km) from the central station to the meeting place through the old city center of Munich.

6. Hotels

Please find the list of hotels close to the meeting venue: /Uploads/keditor/file/20240509/20240509090143_44680.pdf

7. The conference dinner

        A self-funded dinner will be organized on 10 September (Tuesday) at 8 pm. It takes around 30 minutes to walk from the venue to the reserved restaurant. Detailed information will be provided upon registration. 

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