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The Alert.AR project finished in May 2018, having delivered a new warning system. A Health & Heatwave Early Warning System (https://www.smn.gob.ar/smn_alertas/olas_de_calor) was inaugurated in 2019 as a result of a joint research between the National Ministry of Health and the National Meteorological Service of Argentina. The warning system is based on mortality data and climatological information from the last 40 years for 57 cities of Argentina. A WMO regional workshop on Impact-Based Forecasting & Warning is being hosted in September.

SMN is developing a new Early Warning Service in partnership with emergency managers and citizens. A training day/workshop with all the provincial directors of emergency agencies and their technical teams will be held in June to inform them about how the new EWS will work well in advance of its launch. An event  in July in conjunction with the National Secretariat of Science and Technology will include a workshop with all technical scientific bodies that "depend" on the information of warnings and forecasts to issue other types of warnings, announcements or bulletins so they will be able to adjust their own systems. (Julia Chasco, SMN)

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