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News Letter July 2021

Aug 10,2021

Full version of HIWeather News Letter July 2021: 

HIWeather News Letter July 2021

July 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We are taking the opportunity, this issue, to change the structure of our newsletter. In future we shall be focussing the content on specific pieces of work. However, our website at http://hiweather.net will continue to provide comprehensive information on the project as a whole.

One highlight, this month, has been the successful completion of the HIWeather book, which has now been passed to Springer for production. A huge thank you to all contributors who have made this possible. The plan is to launch the book at AGU in December.

Progress on the end-to-end value chain project has been gathering momentum under the leadership of Beth Ebert and facilitated by David Hoffman. The description on the website has recently been updated, together with a project plan and draft glossary. Do take a look at http://hiweather.net/Lists/130.html and contact Beth if you want to be involved.

The citizen science project, led by Marion Tan and David Johnston, ran a very interesting workshop looking at how citizen science can contribute throughout the value chain for high impact weather. They have also begun to share demonstration projects of citizen science projects on the HIWeather website and through social media.

Our connection with the Risk-KAN (Knowledge Action Network) became more visible last month as the Early Warning Working Group launched its series of webinars, organised by Faith Taylor (KCL) and Marleen de Ruiter (VU-Amsterdam). The next one will be in September. Visit https://www.risk-kan.org/webinars/ to find out more about this and other Risk-KAN events.

Finally, I was delighted to join people from across the world at the (virtual) launch of the new Warnings Research Centre at UCL London, which I hope we can establish a working relationship with. The centre is led by Dr. Carina Fearnley and already has connections to several members of HIWeather, including my co-chair, Sally Potter.


Best Wishes

Brian Golding


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