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Feb 07,2021

Anderson-Berry, L., T. Achilles, S. Panchuk, B. Mackie, S. Canterford, A. Leck and D.K. Bird, 2018, Sending a message: How significant events have influenced the warnings landscape in Australia, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 30(A):5-17.

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Baumgart, M., M. Riemer, V. Wirth, F. Teubler, S. T. K. Lang, 2018, Potential-vorticity dynamics of forecast errors: A quantitative case study, Mon. Wea. Rev., early online, DOI:10.1175/MWR-D-17-0196.1.

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Bostrom,A., R. Morss, J. K. Lazo, J. Demuth, H. Lazrus, 2018, Eyeing the storm: How residents of coastal Florida see hurricane forecasts and warnings, , Int. J. Disaster Risk Reduction, 30, 105-119.

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